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The Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair is a free event organised by local activists and volunteers. If you would like to get involved with the organising of the event you can contact the co-ordinating collective at sheffield@bookfair.org.uk

Each year, the book fair brings together radical booksellers, distributors, independent presses, and political groups from around the country, and features books, pamphlets, zines, art, crafts and films. It includes speakers, panels and workshops, and is followed by an evening social. Check our Facebook page for ongoing events leading up to the weekend.

The word ‘anarchism’ tends to conjure up many unfavourable images. The Sheffield anarchist book fair aims to banish these myths by introducing a rich and living tradition of libertarian socialism that advocates freedom through the organisation of a democratic and equal society. The event introduces the intellectual, ethical, creative and fun aspects of anarchist thought as well as the anarchist movement today.

Anarchists argue that there is an alternative to a world of cuts and crisis and a society ruled by profit. This alternative is based on systems of mutual solidarity, controlled from the bottom-up directly and democratically. This is not a utopian dream but builds on the real and historical experiments of people in struggle, from the Diggers of 1649 to the Peasant and Worker Councils of Ukraine in 1917, right up to contemporary self-managed and co-operative industries from Spain to Argentina. Anarchists continue to involve themselves in the struggles of workers, landless peoples and those oppressed by gender, colour, ability or sexuality arguing the benefits of organisation, direct action and solidarity against the power of bosses, politicians and landlords.

Useful Links
An Anarchist FAQ
Anarchist Communism – An Introduction (Libcom.org)
Anarkismo.net (Multilingual anarchist news site)
Prole.info (For the angry wage worker)
Communism and Anarchy – Peter Kropotkin
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Stalls and Meetings Policy
Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair is primarily a space for exhibiting the ideas and organisations of the anarchist movement. It is also a space for the gathering of local activists and organisers. Because of this, we welcome meeting proposals and stall applications from individuals and groups that do not consider themselves part of the anarchist movement, but do share our commitment to social struggle against capitalism and hierarchy, or are at least “fellow travellers.”

All public areas of the Showroom Workstation are fully accessible to people using wheelchairs. There is disabled car parking available on Paternoster Row outside the cinema. A sloped ramp leads to the main entrance providing access to box office, café bar and cinemas on the upper level. There is a lift available for access to upstairs meeting spaces. Disabled toilet facilities are available on the lower level and within the café/bar.

The book fair collective plans to host a crèche to meet attendees childcare needs, staffed by experienced and qualified childcare workers who have valid CRB checks. If you plan on using this facility it would be useful for you to email us in advance at sheffield@bookfair.org.uk giving numbers, ages and any allergies, mobility issues or special requirements.

Safer Spaces Policy
The Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair is an event that is open to the general public. We do, however, aim to make it as inclusive space as possible. As a result any attendees who intimidate, harass or use discriminatory language or behaviour towards others while at the event will be asked to leave.